Atkore is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of strut channels and metal framing, cable tray and ladder tray systems, conduits, and cable clamps. With a strong engineering expertise and some of the industry’s most trusted brands we collaborate daily with engineers, contractors, and our distribution partners to build safe, winning infrastructure projects.

We serve

Electrical, mechanical and structural applications.

Oil and gas, power generation, mining, building and construction industries.

We deliver

Technical Expertise, time/cost savings solutions and continuous innovation.

Unistrut®, the premier name in electrical and metal support solutions and the inventor of the popular metal framing system, has been designing and manufacturing products in Australia for over 50 years. During that time, Unistrut® has consistently delivered superior performance in design, engineering, distribution and customer service to the Australian market.

As part of a world-wide leading manufacturer Atkore International, UNISTRUT® provides an even greater range of electrical and mechanical support systems for the Australian market.

The newest Unistrut® offering is the full range of wire-mesh basket tray. The basket tray complements the existing cable management range which includes Nema rated Cable Ladders, Supatray ladder trays, and Riteway trays.

The product catalogue represents our range of cable management, metal framing, pipe and cable supports.

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Rethink conduits … Discover the Allied Difference

For the last 50 years Allied Tube and Conduit has been a force of innovation in the conduit industry. With manufacturing facilities worldwide, we have developed numerous materials ranges designed to meet specific needs of our customers.

Our PVC Conduits range, manufactured in Australia to AS2053, is clearly the cost effective choice for most installations, with years of maintenance-free performance in underground, encased and exposed applications.

Our ABS conduits have been specifically designed to provide high impact protection, UV resistance and broad temperature range, to meet the arduous conditions experienced in mining, cold storage, or hot processes.

Our Rigid Metal Conduits are manufactured to AS2053 from premium steel combining electrical and mechanical performance with ductility. Available in galvanized finish and hot dipped galvanized, they also provide radiation protection, magnetic shielding and resist impact.