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Part No Description Thread Size Dim A Dim B
RH1200A-M8 RH1200A-M8 ROD HANGER CENTRAL MO M8 75mm 37.5mm
RH1200A-M10 RH1200A-M10 ROD HANGER CENTRAL M m10 100mm 50mm
RH1200A-M12 RH1200A-M12 ROD HANGER CENTRAL M m12 100mm 50mm
RH1200B-M8 RH1200B M8 ROD HANGER VERTICAL M m8 75mm -
RH1200B-M10 RH1200B M10 ROD HANGER VERTICAL m10 100mm -
RH1200B-M12 RH1200B M12 ROD HANGER VERTICAL m12 100mm -
RH1200C-M8 RH1200C M8 ROD HANGER HORIZONTAL m8 75mm 37.5mm
RH1200C-M10 RH1200C M10 ROD HANGER HORIZONTA m10 100mm 50mm
RH1200C-M12 RH1200C M12 ROD HANGER HORIZONTA m12 100mm 50mm