ABScon — ABS Thermoplastic Conduit

ABScon – High Impact ABS Conduit

  • UV Resistant
  • Lead & Halogen Free
  • Corrosion Resistant

ABScon is an ABS thermoplastic conduit which has been specifically designed to meet the arduous conditions that can be experienced in mining, industrial applications, refrigerated cool rooms or hot process environments. ABScon has superior weathering characteristics to traditional conduit and it can be exposed to harsh UV without the fear of failure. It is known as a shatterproof material and is resistant to attack from a wide range of chemicals. ABS is lead and halogen free. The combined characteristics of ABScon will give you the confidence that you have chosen an absolutely secure long life conduit system to suit the harshest of environments.

The Material

Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) identifies a family of engineering thermoplastics with an exceptionally broad range of performance characteristics.

  • Acrylonitrile – provides chemical resistance and rigidity.
  • Butadiene – is a rubber which gives the material its exceptional impact resistance and low temperature toughness.
  • Styrene – contributes to the ease of processing and rigidity.

Allied Tube and Conduit® uses a formulation developed in conjunction with polymer manufacturers to optimise performance with respect to tensile strength, impact resistance, ductility, weatherability, heat stability and processability from raw material to finished product.


The outstanding properties of ABS are:

  • Impact strength – ABS has exceptional impact strength over a broad range of temperatures. It is the butadiene rubber phase of the copolymer that makes ABS shatter proof and allows ABS to withstand impact levels much higher than those of other plastic conduits. It also retains this impact resistance at sub zero temperatures.
  • Corrosion resistant – ABScon is resistant to damage from a wide range of chemicals. It has good resistance when in contact with inorganic acids, alkalis and metal salts, which will corrode most metal conduits. It can also be used in areas of contact with oils and fats. It is recommended that ABScon not be used in areas in contact with aromatic hydrocarbons and solvents such as ketones or esters.
  • Direct Sunlight Resistant – ABScon performs excellently in harsh weather conditions. Its corrosion resistance combined with heat stability and resistance to damage through sunlight, means that it retains superior impact resistance and strength even after long term exposure to the harshest weather.
  • Temperature range – ABScon can be used in a broad range of temperatures. It does not become brittle at temperatures down to –30°C and it maintains rigidity and strength at temperatures up to 70°C. This allows ABScon to be used in areas such as refrigerated cool rooms and hot process environments.
  • Light weight – ABScon is light weight. High Impact ABScon conduit weighs on average 30% less than the equivalent Heavy Duty PVC conduit and 75% less than steel conduit. This means easier installation and transportation.
  • Rigid – ABS is a rigid thermoplastic, providing high security against crushing. ABScon’s rigidity also allows for ease of installation on straight runs and a minimum of support brackets. ABScon is designed to remain straight even at its maximum operating temperature when installed as recommended.
  • Insulating – ABS is an excellent insulator providing extra protection for equipment and personnel. There is no need for earthing or maintaining electrical continuity through joints and connections.
  • Water-tight – ABScon’s solvent welded joints provide a simple leak-tight seal against water, other fluids, dust and contaminants ensuring protection for wiring and personnel.
  • Lead and Halogen Free – ABS is lead and halogen free. If burned ABS does not release corrosive gasses. ABS can be readily recycled.