Unistrut Australia has been successful in having the new "FR" series NFI VA 16A Cable Ladders, Bends, Risers and Tees, certified to AS3013:2005 Appendix B Classification WS5X (2hours), at 1050°c This rating applies to:

  • Ladder widths of 150mm, 300mm, 450mm & 600mm
  • Ladder Shaped Accessories with radius of 450mm
  • Loading of 50kg/m over 1.5m span.

Unistrut is the only manufacturer to fully comply with this standard across the full range of the new "FR" Series NEMA 16A Cable Ladder and Shaped Accessories. Fire Rated Ladder Installation Unistrut offers the M12 FireSet Drop In Anchor and Threaded Rod (Installation tool available from Unistrut) Concrete slab threaded insert compliant to AS1530.4 2 hours fire protection M12 FireSet Anchor

  • Max Tensile Load 7.7kN; 785 Kg Force Load
  • Max Shear Load 6.6kN; 673 Kg Force Load
  • Anchor length 50mm; Thread length 21mm
  • 16mm OD Hole; 53mm Deep
UR12 Threaded Rod
  • Max Tensile Load of 13.48kN; 1,374 Kg Force Load
  • Near double that of the M12 FireSet Anchor
Item Weight Single Trapeze
Load per
1500mm Span
Load per
Threaded Rod
Double Trapeze
Load per
1500mm Span
Load per
Threaded Rod
600W HG 6M
50.51 12.63 - 6m -
Load 50Kg/m over 6m 300.00 75.00 - 150.00 -
880L HG
6.20 6.20 - 12.40 -
All weights are Kilogram - 93.83 46.92 187.66 93.83

Unistrut FRLEG Fire rated ladder tray system is based on NEMA 16A Hot dipped Galvanised steel cable ladder. To achieve full compliance to AS3013.2005 ladder must be supported by the patented Trapeze Bars when utilizing 1,500mm spacing. This allows a loading of 50kg per meter.

The FRL fire rated system is only compliant when used with the Unistrut patented Trapeze Mounting Bars and Risers supported with the FRLRSBH bracket. Full installation guidance is provided on order placement. For pricing of a fully compliant system please contact your Unistrut sales office. Copies of certificates provided on completion of installation.

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